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MSDN Webcast on Optimizing and Tuning SQL Server full-text Search (FTS)

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on October 4, 2011


In May 2011, I had delivered a live webcast on the topic “Optimizing and Tuning Full Text Search for SQL Server”. You can download the slide deck (PPT) and Video from MSDN Event library. I am sharing it here since the webcast was before the birth of theSQLDude. Refer to the links below for downloading the presentation deck and webcast video.

Note: This talk covers using Full-text search only on SQL Server 2008 and above. Nerd smile

Watch the Webcast

SQL Server Full-Text Search: Tips for Optimizing and Tuning Search for large environments from sudarshan on Vimeo.


Presentation Slide Deck (PPT)

You can download the slide deck along with the sample/demo script from [HERE]. It is also available on [THIS POST] @ SQLServerFAQ.

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