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SQL Server 2016 – General Availability Date Announced

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on May 3, 2016

Extra Extra – Read all about it.

Exciting news as Microsoft just announced the general availability date for SQL Server 2016 – June 1st, 2016

You can read the announcement and more on the Data Platform Insider Blog


SQL 2016 comes in Enterprise, Standard, Express and Developer Editions. You can compare the editions using the datasheet published here


Stay tuned for more as the release date approaches. For those looking to move away from Oracle Databases, if you have/get Software Assurance then the SQL 2016 Editions costs are free. You can read more about this offer here,



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Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on May 12, 2012

Folks, is now live and all the older blog posts have been migrated to the new domain name. Existing/Older links will be re-directed to the new site name. As always, I leave you with another of Dilbert’s very best…


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SQL Server 2012 – Released and available for public download

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on April 3, 2012

SQL Server 2012 codenamed “Denali” is now ready for download and available for public consumption. Please check out the following blog post that talks about the general release.

SQL 2012 is specifically targeted at Big Data and High Availability, including a powerful set of feature-rich BI tools like PowerView. Some of the new engine features are :-

  1. SQL Server AlwaysON
  2. Contained Databases
  3. Column Store Indexes
  4. User-Defined Server Roles
  5. Big Data (Hadoop)

Again, Books Online is your best resource to read up on the new release and to understand the new set of features.

You can download the evaluation/trial version of SQL 2012 here,

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SQL Saturday # 116: Be there, it’s the real deal!

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on January 7, 2012

For all SQL Server folks in India, please bookmark your calendar for the SQL Saturday #116 (organised by PASS and Microsoft) as this is the first time a SQL Saturday event is being organized in Bangalore at the Microsoft Office on January 7th, 2012.

I will be attending this event and will also be a part of the SQL Server Clinic, which starts @ 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm IST. SQL Clinic is an open event where you, your colleagues and other SQL enthusiasts can come, meet, discuss and ask questions to MSFT CSS engineers. I will be one of those engineers whom you can pester with any questions on SQL Server Smile. You are free to bring real-world SQL problems that you face in your work and we will be happy to shed some light on them. If you have a specific SQL problem that has been bugging you for weeks, this is THE Forum to discuss them! It helps if you bring the details like logs, traces, dump files etc., as live troubleshooting and analysis is very much a part of SQL Clinic. Come, join in…

Directions to the Microsoft GTSC Campus in Bangalore

Bing Maps Link

Google Maps Link

A favourite quote of mine
“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see it for yourself. So in a world of 1s and 0s…are you a zero, or The One?”

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Next version of SQL Server Code-Named “Denali” CTP3: Product Guide available for download

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on August 11, 2011

Good news for all SQL enthusiasts today! The next version of SQL Server [codenamed “Denali”] reached the next milestone, i.e. CTP3 (Community Technology Preview 3) about a month back, but today the Product Team has released a complete product guide (with samples & videos) for public use. You can find the official confirmation from the SQL Server Product Team here,

If you haven’t downloaded the installation media for SQL Server Code Name "Denali" CTP3, you can find the link below,

I highly recommend you to download the comprehensive product guide which contains whitepapers, presentation, demos and sample videos to help you learn the new release. This will help you get started on the next version and stay one step ahead of the rest of the SQL community. The Product Guide is a ~450MB download.

Have fun playing with the new version. Remember, Information is Wealth Open-mouthed smile.

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