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Trust No One and always ask “WHY”!

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on August 13, 2011

Another good post by Paul Randal. It’s worth a read and I agree with his thoughts on Forums filled with “so-called” experts. The WWW can be a dangerous place for those looking for quick solutions. Don’t be misled into implementing something you will regret later or end up being someone else’s worst nightmare. Always ask yourself “WHY” instead of just focusing on the “WHAT TO DO” when looking for suggestions/solutions. This is a crucial part of logical troubleshooting which most people ignore. So do yourself a favour and ask “WHY” when someone asks you do to make this/that change. If they can’t explain “why”, well rest assured it is not 100% guaranteed to solve your issue. Even if it did, you still don’t know “why” it did.

Like the warrior in 300 says “Remember us, Remember WHY we died

Do yourself a favor… Trust No One


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