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T-SQL Script for SQL Server Statistics Last Updated Time & Percent Rows modified

Posted by Sudarshan Narasimhan on August 4, 2011

I wrote a post on the same topic @ Amit’s Blog. I made some changes to the script to make it easier for DBA’s to read the output. I am re-posting this here for your reference. This can be quite handy if you are managing multiple SQL instances and you have lot of tables or have large databases where you only want to update statistics on some tables based on row modifications (data changes e.g. OLTP). You can always use DBCC SHOW_STATISTICS or SP_AUTOSTATS to find out the same information for a specific table, index or column stats.

select as table_schema, as Object_name, as Object_id, as index_name,

i.indid as index_id,

i.rowmodctr as modifiedRows,

(select max(rowcnt) from sysindexes i2 where = and i2.indid < 2) as rowcnt,

convert(DECIMAL(18,8), convert(DECIMAL(18,8),i.rowmodctr) / convert(DECIMAL(18,8),(select max(rowcnt) from sysindexes i2 where = and i2.indid < 2))) as ModifiedPercent,

stats_date(, i.indid ) as lastStatsUpdateTime

from sysindexes i

inner join sysobjects tbls on =

inner join sysusers schemas on tbls.uid = schemas.uid

inner join information_schema.tables tl

on = tl.table_name

and = tl.table_schema

and tl.table_type=‘BASE TABLE’

where 0 < i.indid and i.indid < 255

and table_schema <> ‘sys’

and i.rowmodctr <> 0

and i.status not in (8388704,8388672)

and (select max(rowcnt) from sysindexes i2 where = and i2.indid < 2) > 0

order by modifiedRows desc

Keep in mind that Rowmodctr values displayed in above output are not entirely reliable starting with SQL 2005 onwards. But, you can rely on last updated time to make a decision if the statistics need to be updated. Read here for more info on this.



You can use this script to generate the UPDATE STATISTICS command for each table in your table. I am using FULL SCAN by default, which you can of course modify to use specific SAMPLE. You have to un-comment the comments lines, to actually perform the update.


select identity(int,1,1) as rownum,table_name into table_count from information_schema.tables where table_type=‘base table’

declare @count int,@stmt varchar (255),@maxcount int,@tblname varchar(50)

set @count=1

select @maxcount=count(*) from table_count

while @count < @maxcount+1


      select @tblname=table_name from table_count where rownum=@count

      set @stmt = ‘UPDATE STATISTICS ‘+ ‘[‘ +@tblname+ ‘]’ + ‘ WITH FULLSCAN’

      print @stmt

      –PRINT (‘Updating statistics for table :’+@tblname)


      –PRINT (‘Finished Updating statistics for table :’+@tblname)


      set @count=@count+1

      set @stmt=


drop table table_count

Have fun with your database maintenanceSmile. As always stay tuned for more cool SQL stuff.


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